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For Best Costume the award goes to Karate Kid “Shower Guy” aka Hamilton Tamayo.  The winner gets one night stay at Surrey Hotel in NYC with Spa treatment for two from Travelocity.  Use it wisely!

You can bet your ass I will.

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Halloween in NYC is usually amazing but torrential rain washed away all the fun.  Somehow I managed to stay dry by hitting a few house parties but called it an early night. I think my costume went over really well. All the men knew i was Karate Kid while all the women thought I was a guy in a shower.  Who would have thought Karate kid was so polarizing

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Why do I always have an early morning meeting after a night of drunken debauchery? I think the scariest thing about my companies Halloween party is the work laying in wait for me the next day.

Thank god for orange juice and Advil. I was so raw I even debated drinking a Vita Coco.

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All day thoughts of ghosts and goblins danced through my head as I watched the clock count down to 5pm. My favorite holiday party was here and I had a good feeling about this years costume contest.

This year ushered in the often times painful talent contest but thankfully my coworkers are extremely talented

In the immortal words of kitchen stadium, “who would reign supreme.”.

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After confronting the fact that my Cap’n Crunch costume would have to wait till next year I was forced to scramble for a costume. Patrick Swayze, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart were all viable ideas but they lacked punch.

With no time to spare I made an executive decision and opted for the Karate Kid dressed as a shower costume. I hope I can pull it together in time.

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It seems $20 worth of McDonald’s cheeseburgers was not enough to help me win the costume contest.  On the flip side it did make me very popular with hungry drunk people. 😉

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I would love to take credit for the costume idea (not that it hasn’t occurred to me before) but all the credit goes to T.  Like all great idea this one originated over drinks.

The Item List

  1. A custom made 45″ black and gold cape
  2. Red Hamburger pattern necktie
  3. Prisoner outfit
  4. Eye mask
  5. Red and white sneakers
  6. Hat with gold sash.
  7. Red gloves.

This looks like a job for Google and my personal costume designer, MOM.

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