Video Games

Doodle Jump

A deceptively simple all consuming iPhone game in which you guide a four-legged creature called the Doodler up an unending series of platforms without falling. Players tilt the device from […]


If you were to combine my love for anime, video games and dressing up you would end up with a blog post exploring the crazy, silly and awesome world of […]

Heavy Rain

I should probably start out by saying Quantic Dream, developers of Heavy Rain, should be commended for trying something new and innovative. Sadly their efforts comes up short. I wanted […]


A few days ago Sony decided to make flOw available for FREE on PSN. My initial reaction was to hate the control scheme but after a few minutes of getting […]

HALO Legends

A collection of seven short animated films set int he HALO universe Origins A great recap of the Halo Universe for noobs. Stylistically though the animation felt a bit weak […]

Mass Effect

Released two years ago by renowned game developer BioWare I put off picking up a copy. Turned off by comparisons to Star Wars: Knight of the Old Republic (an amazing […]


Purchased two years ago I’ve finally got around to exploring the extremely immersive world of Rapture. BioShock is one part The Island of Dr. Moreau, two parts Twenty Thousand Leagues […]

It Lives

The replacement power supply I ordered online was delivered today and after ten minutes of surgery my XBOX LIVES! Who would have thought a power surge almost claimed a good […]

XBOX Surgery

Not one to take loss well I’ve decided to take matters into my own hands and repair the XBOX. With a little help from an online tutorial, cracking open the […]


For an hour I plugged and unplugged the power cord into different wall sockets. Pushed the power and eject buttons hoping for any sign of life. Regrettably it never came […]

God of War

After years of neglect I finally decided to try God of War. So far I’m unimpressed. It’s your standard 3rd person action game. Released around the same time as Ninja […]


Unlocking an achievement on my 360 makes my heart smile. And the thought of sharing this via twitter has been a geek wet dream of mine for quite some time. […]

Three Stars

Instead of getting off my ass and enjoying the wonderfully odd spring like weather I sat in my living room playing Modern Warfare 2 Special Ops.  I tried so hard […]

Splinter Cell Double Agent

With the February release date of Splinter Cell Conviction looming I decided it was time to play the last installment in the series, Double Agent.  So far, I’m frustrated by […]

Secret Santa

Met the gang for some hugs, kisses and Secret Santa gift giving. This year I asked Santa for the geekiest gift ever, a Playstation 3 Energizer Power & Play Charging […]

Solving Puzzles

It’s official, I am addicted to solving all of Riddler puzzles in Batman Arkam Asylum. I guess I’ve been feeling powerless at work and need to feel some sort of […]

Special Ops

The inclusion of Special Ops, a new cooperative games, in Modern Warfare 2 has destroyed my social life. Modern Warfare 2 features a cooperative mode entitled Special Ops, which consists […]

I admit to loving Pandora but with Microsoft releasing an Xbox 360 version of I may have to make room in my heart for both. Slick and intuitive design […]

Modern Warfare 2

After a tiny adjustment period I can officially say MW2 is redonkulous. MW2 is not a revolutinary step forward in the first person genre but more a refinement of the […]

Modern Warfare 2 Midnight Madness

After months of anticipation it’s almost here. The next chapter in Infinity Ward’s Call of Duty franchise . With phenomenal single player akin to a Jerry Bruckheimer-esque Hollywood blockbuster and […]

Shadow Complex

I finally got around to playing Shadow Complex, a revamped old-school side-scrolling action game. The single-player story line is based on the best-selling novel, Empire, by Orson Scott Card. So […]

I’m a Masochist

I’ve been playing Ninja Gaiden 2 (one of the hardest video games ever created) and  come to the conclusion that I’m really sick.  Video games are suppose to be a […]

PlayStation Network

Consumed with a desire to spend money frivolously I decided to purchase a copy of Resident Evil Director’s Cut on the PlayStation Network.  The whole experience felt tedious and clunky.  […]


Part of the coolness factor with owning an Xbox 360 and PS3 are the media capabilities they posses. Both can stream media from any PC running  the Windows operating system […]

Deep Green

The past few months I’ve wanted to get back into chess, an extremely challenging and sexy game but keep running into a few problems. It requires two people to play. […]


I’d heard a ton of great things about this game and found it to have the same aesthetic and addictive qualities Lumines has, one of my favorite puzzle games.