Foodspotting in Los Angeles

Like all great vacations most of time is devoted to eating. We started the day with a delicious guilty pleasure at The Griddle Cafe. The Golden Ticket A serving of […]

Muscle Beach & the USMC PFT

I’ve always contended that working out using my own body weight as resistance would be more effective that joining a gym and using weights. My inspiration and measurement of success […]

Hooray for Hollywood

With SXSW behind us we set off for LA. A short flight and nap had us energized for a Friday night in West Hollywood. We bounced from bar to bar […]


What is SXSW? South by Southwest (SXSW) is a set of interactive, film, and music festivals and conferences that take place every spring in Austin, Texas. SXSW first began in […]

The Surrey Hotel

A one night stay at The Surrey Hotel, dinner at Palm Too (I like steak and took inspiration from “Catch Me if You Can”) and a spa treatment for two […]

Leaving Las Vegas

What should have been a four to five hour flight became a three hour journey through space and time.  Thank you tail wind.

Las Vegas – Round 4

LAVO Another dull ass Las Vegas club. Don’t get me wrong the space was nice but the vibe was all wrong. Spearmint Rhino The best gentleman’s club in Las Vegas […]

Las Vegas – Round 2

The Bellagio Buffet Supposedly it’s the best buffet in Las Vegas but I am more of a quality over quantity kind of guy.  I love to sample stuff as much […]

Las Vegas – Round 1

Stripburger On the brink of starvation Al and I ran to the Fashion Mall after checking in to our hotel. Delirious with hunger we stopped at the first eatery we […]

Packing Tips

I’m packing for Vegas and thought it would be cool to post a few helpful tips on how to make packing easier. Rolling Your Clothes Backpackers swear by this method. […]

Jet Lag

When traveling across a number of time zones, the body clock will be out of synchronisation with the destination time, as it experiences daylight and darkness contrary to the rhythms […]

Asia Trip: Heading Home

As I sat in the airport waiting for our flight back home I couldn’t help but feel a bit sad. Never had I visited a city that felt as alive […]

Asia Trip: Hong Kong – Day 08

Shopping Amanda and I decided to spend the day sightseeing and shopping in downtown Hong Kong. One thing became abundantly clear, the Chinese love shopping.  They actually put American consumerism […]

Asia Trip: Phuket – Day 06

Breakfast Buffet – End Game Not enough evidence to confirm my suspicions, Amanda wins this round. Beginning to hatch plan for sneaking bacon on board our flight back to Hong […]

Asia Trip: Phuket – Day 05

Breakfast Buffet Amanda is looking thinner.  Suspicions of her being the source of this delectable bacon grow stronger.  Need more time to confirm. Off the Resort Decided to venture off […]

Asia Trip: Phuket – Day 04

Breakfast Buffet Quite possibly the best bacon I’ve ever had.  Have sneaking suspicion it is human flesh.  If so my travel companions are in deep trouble.  Plan to start with […]

Asia Trip: Beijing – Day 03

Favorite Moments in Beijing Climbing the steps of The Great Wall and finding a hidden path devoid of tourists. The Forbidden City Rickshaw ride through the hutongs Tiananmen Square and […]

Asia Trip: Beijing – Day 01

I pulled open the curtain excited to see the Beijing skyline only to find a thick cloud covering the city. Temple of Heaven The sound of bad Chinese pop ballads […]

Asia Trip: Come Fly With Me

JFK Up for 24 hours and not feeling the least bit tired. Amazing what excitement and adrenaline can do. HKG Sixteen hour flight on Cathay Airlines went smoother than expected […]

Packing for Asia

My trip to Asia is only two days away and I am excited / nervous about the sixteen hour flight to Hong Kong. Every time I close my eyes I […]


Spent the afternoon with Kris at the InterNations meetup/brunch. InterNations – the Network for Expatriates and Global Minds! Experience the international way of life together with other global minds. Connect […]

Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Tower of Terror was easily the best ride / attraction of the whole trip. Based on a Twilight Zone episode (my favorite television show of all time) the ride builds […]


I’d describe Epcot (Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow) as the future that never happened.   Puzzeled by some of the design decisions I decided to do a little research and discovered […]

The Magic Kingdom

Even the miserable weather conditions (95 degree / 85% humidity) could not stop the the love bomb from detonating in my heart.  Warm memories of all my Disney favorites came […]

Next Stop, Wally World?

I’m headed to Disney World tomorrow (my first time) and I’m crazy excited. I guess this is how Clark Griswold felt when going to Wally World.

Who Needs Sleep?

Friday (5:00 am) Wake Up Friday (7:00 am) Greenday @ Central Park (VIP Pass) Friday (9:00 am) Get a Visa from the Chinese consulate Friday (11:00 am) Go to Six […]