Black Rock Shooter

Came across this trailer and decided to give it a try. Lets hope this isn’t just pretty pictures devoid of substance. It’s been a while since I’ve seen a really […]

Rescue Me

With books, video games and random side projects I’ve been able to avoid the siren song of television for many years. That was until a year ago when someone told […]

Easter Sunday

What better way to spend Easter Sunday than grilling meat on the BBQ and watching Christ’s murder’s in action. What?! Let me explain, earlier in the week a friend mentioned […]

Dexter Season 3

Out doing season 2 was going to be tough but if the first few episodes were any indication of the quality they just might pull it off. Not a big […]

Dexter Season2

A tiny but disillusioned by the lame story arc of season one I’ve decided to keep watching. According to my friends season 2 is arguably the best of the bunch […]

New Years Eve

Spent New Years Eve at my parents watching Dexter season 01. So far I find The character of Dexter fascinating but the plot silly and typical of bad soap opera […]

30 Rock Season 2

Twenty two minutes of uninterrupted hilarious morsels of brainless entertainment is the best way to describe 30 Rock. Perfect for those moments you want to be entertained but don’t have […]

30 Rock Season 01

Based on a friends recommendation I spent all day watching 30 Rock streamed via Netflix to my Xbox 360 (pure bliss). My favorite gag on the show is Spooky Bar […]

True Blood

Along with my appreciation for all things horror related I hold a fondness for vampires.  True Blood is that rare case of vampire entertainment (books, film, television) that gets everything […]

Mad Men

With only a few episodes left in the fifth and final season of The Wire I’ve begun to search for my next television addiction. Mad Men Set in 1960s New […]

Amazing Stories

Decided to start watching one of my favorite sci-fi episodic shows, Amazing Stories. I had purchased the complete first season a while back but never got around to watching it. […]

The Wire

Everyone kept telling me The Wire was the most amazing show on television.  Consumed with curosty and buckling to peer pressure I decided to watch season one.  I’m not sure […]


I awoke “super–sick” and I haven’t been able to maintain a normal sleep schedule because of it. I watched 21 Jump Street Season 5 Disc 1 and noticed that Johnny […]