What good is a tripod without a tripod head? After some research I decided that the Gitzo G2180 would be a perfect fit for my Canon Vixia. Admittdley a bit pricey I decided it was better to go with a trusted brand name.

The G2180 is an extremely compact and low profile fluid head. Offering a complete range of technical features combined with an exceptional size / weight to performance ratio. In order to achieve such a compact size and low weight, Gitzo developed a new and unique technical compound named soulid 238®. This special techno polymer is 30% lighter than magnesium, but just as strong, with good vibration dampening. The lightness and strength of Soulid 238® make the G2180 the perfect combination of style and high tech materials. Besides exceptionally smooth movements, high quality engineering and assembly, the G2180 features a sophisticated, adjustable and highly accurate counterbalance system. The G2180 is ideal for DSLRs with long lenses and or compact DV camcorders.

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Bored at work and feeling a bit blue I did what any red blood American would do, seek instant gratification through unbridled consumerism.  Considering I had no money and massive debt I decided to use my credit cards rewards program. Imagine my surprise when I discovered they carried serious camera equipment.

I had been looking to purchase a tripod for my Canon Vixia so when I saw they carried Manfrotto it was a done deal.

Manfrotto 055XPROB
The 055XPROB makes the famous Manfrotto-patented horizontal centre column feature even easier to use. By extending the column to its highest vertical position, it can be swung round to horizontal without removing the head or disassembling the column itself, so switching between framing and positioning setups is more convenient than ever. The ergonomics of the leg angle release mechanism and the quick action leg locks themselves have also been greatly improved.

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Saw this the other day while goofing off at work and thought it was pure genius. Call me crazy but I wouldn’t be surprised if this is what living in a studio apartment in NYC might look like in the future. Very Fifth Element. Leeloo Dallas multipass!

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Highlights from today’s iPhone OS 4.0 announcement.

Rather than an ugly task manager, double-tapping the home button will bring up a dock of running applications you can switch to while staying in another app. While this is cool in itself, Apple is taking it up a notch by using the multi-tasking element to add in some new functionality. Location-based services and VoIP are all now included and can stay running even when you’re on the move and not using them.

Revolutionizing the world of mobile advertising
Everyone wondered what Apple was doing when it quietly bought Quattro last year, a mobile advertising firm. Well, it’s become clear – it was launching iAd, to help it change the way we think about mobile advertising.

App developers can add in things like maps, video and e-commerce stores from these iAds, meaning a rich source of revenue that is a lot more entertaining than simply seeing boring words served against your App. Apple has realised the potential here too – it’s taking a massive 40% of the revenue for ‘serving the iAds’, which could be a very tidy extra income indeed.

Folders For Your Icons
Ever been left frustrated by the fact that you can ‘only’ have 180 icons on your home screen? Well, Folders is here to save you from that fate, giving you the ability to hoard up to 2,000 apps on your device.

It’s more about organization than anything else – making it easier to group your applications into elements like gaming, sports apps, utilities etc. The folders themselves will auto-name, or you can call them what you like.

The Unified Inbox
The iPhone has evolved slowly – too slowly, some might say, with Apple seemingly dragging its heels to make sure it has stuff to update. But one of the problems to come out of these slow updates is the existence of so many email inboxes on people’s iPhones, meaning you have to jump in and out of them to see all your mail – tricky if you’re a freelancer or just an @ enthusiast.

So Apple has unified them all into one place – thankfully coinciding with the announcement you can have more than one Exchange account on its devices. Not only will the messages appear in one central place, the conversations will now also be threaded, meaning you won’t have to hop in and out of emails to see what’s been said.

Background Wallpaper
You can now change the background wallpaper on the iPhone. You know, like you’ve been able to do on phones since the dark ages.

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Spent the better half of my day reading reviews of the iPad and debating whether or not to pick one up for my parents. From what I’ve read and heard here is what I can discern.


  • Perfect for consuming media (music, movies, books, photos, games, etc.) and doing Internet related tasks such as surfing the web or writing / reading email.


  • It is a big fucking iPhone.
  • You still need a computer to back shit up, load photo library, etc.
  • First gen hardware is always bad news, especially when it cones from Apple. They have become the masters of planned obsolescence and early adopter rapists.
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Now that the Interactive portion of SXSW was officially over we had time to explore Austin.

First stop, FOOD!


Sampler @ Iron Works Barbecue

Blackened Talapia PO Boy w/ Grilled vegetables @ Whole Foods Flagship

While gorging myself I learned about a new blog / iPhone app that is perfect for foodies called Foodspotting and decided to test it out. Check it out here.

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Most important lesson I learned at SXSW: never agree to be interviewed by CNN.

iPod iPod version

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