Hooray for Hollywood

With SXSW behind us we set off for LA. A short flight and nap had us energized for a Friday night in West Hollywood. We bounced from bar to bar […]

Gorillaz – Plastic Beach

The new Gorillaz album dropped yesterday and I’ve fallen in love with track 7, Empire Ants (Feat. Little Dragon). Have a listen and let me know what you think of […]

Paper Romance

I can’t stop listening to Groove Armada’s new song. I can’t really recommend the album but this song is catchy. [audio: Paper Romance (Original Mix).mp3|titles=Paper Romance|artists=Groove Armada]

WordPress Audio Player

While working on a side project I came across this WordPress plugin that makes sharing music relatively simple. Enjoy! [audio:,,,,,,,,,|titles=Slow Poison,WTF?,Death,House of Mirrors,I Felt Stupid,Never Never,Cynthia,I Said (Michael Woods Remix),Dance […]

Soldier of Love

Attended a Sony sponsored Sade, Soldier of Love album listening party at Taj Lounge tonight. She hasn’t released an album in 10 years and I can’t wait to get my […]

Mix Tape: Vol. 02

Here is the track listing, tell me what you think. VCR – XX Sweet Disposition – The Temper Trap Lover Who Uncover – The Little Ones (Crystal Castle Remix) New […]

Best of 2009 – Music

In keeping with tradition here is my list of 2009’s best albums. 10) Late Night Alumni – Of Birds, Bees, Butterflies, Etc. 09) Discovery – LP 08) Lily Allen – […]

NME Radio

I’m always looking for new tunes and a special someone put me on to this great online radio station. Check it out here. Note: They also have an iPhone app.

Machine Dreams

Little Dragon just released their second album entitled Machine Dreams and it’s sick.  Definatly pick up the remixes.

The XX

My new favorite album of the year.  If you don’t pickup the album at least download the first two tracks: Intro and VCR.

Depeche Mode Live

A great show with some of the coolest visuals I’ve seen at a concert in a long time. My only gripe was them not playing Everything Counts. WTF! Note: Pictures […]

If Time Is My Vessel

I openly admit to not being a big Interpol fan but the other night while having a drink I heard the the Carlos D Remix of Pubic Pervert.  Amazing lyrics […]

Memory Cassette

I needed something a little dreamy with a California vibe. Surfin by Memory Cassette off the Call & Response EP fit the bill perfectly.


I know this album came out last year but I stumbled on it today while perusing the iTunes Store and fell in love.  Stand out tracks are: Until We Bleed […]

Ocean Eyes

The new Owl City album is fun but I can’t stop feeling guilty listening to them.  They sound like a teen version of Postal Service.  I will file this obsession […]

Facebook iTunes Page

I’m a huge fan of iTunes and recently found out they have a Facebook page.  Now I can combine my love of music and online social networking.  Did I mention […]

Who Needs Sleep?

Friday (5:00 am) Wake Up Friday (7:00 am) Greenday @ Central Park (VIP Pass) Friday (9:00 am) Get a Visa from the Chinese consulate Friday (11:00 am) Go to Six […]


A draining week of work, lack of REM sleep, the thought of Webster Hall (a crap venue)  and the droves of bridge and tunnel D-bags nearly destroyed the childlike excitement […]

Sounds of the Universe

The only thing better than Christmas is the day a new Depeche Mode album is released.  During lunch I ran (literally) to the Virgin Megastore to pick up my copy. […]

The Art of Mixed Tapes

Growing up as a kid I would watch my brother make some of the most amazing mix tapes.  Being more of a movie buff I would just sit back and […]

It’s Blitz

Upon my first listen the only song that caught my attention was Zero.  After hearing Kelly and Al rave about the album I decided to pick up a copy and […]

Elliott Carlson Botero

Spent the evening in Williamsburg Brooklyn (the new home of flanel and out of control facial hair) listening to my friend play with his band at Spike Hill.  Have a […]

iTunes Plus

For some odd reason I woke up itching to upgrade my music library to iTunes Plus and I’m not sure why.  Yes it has better quality and no DRM but […]

R̦yksopp РJunior

It dropped today and you better believe I picked it up.  I am tempted to give my first impressions but Röyksopp has a tendency to grow on you so doing […]