Folding Bicycle

In a previous blog post I mentioned how I was planning n purchasing a Montare by Gary Fisher. Sadly I have come to the conclusion that this may only be […]

Spinning Class

Decided to try my first Spin class at Crunch. What is Spinning? Imagine a whole bunch of exercise bikes lined up inside a health club studio. Riders are on each […]

Muscle Beach & the USMC PFT

I’ve always contended that working out using my own body weight as resistance would be more effective that joining a gym and using weights. My inspiration and measurement of success […]


For two years I’ve managed to lose 40lbs. with the help of my favorite iPhone app. Weightbot is a simple weight tracking app that makes weight management fun! Just enter […]

Bikram Yoga

Like a roller coaster, my emotions dipped and climbed with every minute that passed. Agitated by the heat, frustrated by my own bodies limitations and enamored with my own bodies […]

Unnata Aerial Yoga

Having never done Yoga in my life I can say that Unnata Aerial Yoga was at first intimidating and challenging but truly rewarding. It made me realize I’m in great […]


Tonight was the third night I had fish for dinner. Friday was black fish, Saturday Ahi Tuna and Sunday was salmon. I feel like flipper.

Friday Night at the Gym

On Monday the gym is filled with people trying to work off the junk they ate over the weekend. By Wednesday most have given up and by Friday only those […]

Food, Inc.

Having read Fast Food Nation and The Jungle I thought I knew what to expect but I guess nothing can really prepare you for the grisly images (truth) of the […]

Physical Trainer

I had my first session with the physical trainer at 24 Hour Fitness and I kicked ass. With 20% body fat the trainer was impressed with my progress and diet. […]

November Challenge

Today begins the “who can work out the most in the month of November” contest. Normally I would have slept in but I was so pumped I decided to get […]

24 Hour Fitness

The weather in NYC these past three weeks has made running outside near impossible. Realizing I might squander all the progress I’ve made I decided it was time to join […]


After seeing some pictures taken on a camping trip I realized I was fat and needed to take my health seriously.  Weighing in at 208 lbs. a lifestyle change was […]

America is Fat

I think the most important thing I learned at Disney World is that America is fat! I’m not talking a few pounds I’m talking obese. Day after day I saw […]


Instead of going home to workout I decided to meet the guys for a quick drink at Keybar.  Four martini’s and a train ride later I began to feel guilty. […]


After ten months of working out and 22 lbs lost I’m still not seeing the results I want.  Sure I’m thinner and feel healthier but the lean chiseled look continues […]

The Cleanse

While getting a ride home Kelly mentioned her  twenty eight day veggie, vitamin and water cleanse. Excited by the prospect of flushing out all the toxins in my body I […]

Fucking Flu

Woke up feeling ill today and decided to skip work and just sleep.  I was really unproductive.

A New Year

I’m sick! What a great way to start the New Year. I was still able to work out. I hope I can keep this up all year. The good news […]