I’m Back

After a very long break I’m back and have come to the realization that blogging everyday is not for the faint of heart. Like any writing you have to have […]

Constructive Critcism

While having drinks with the gang the topic of my blog being nothing more than a link farm with twitter sized posts came up. At first I dismissed the criticism […]

The Blind Side

Not since the Ten Commandments and Passion of the Christ has a movie been so effectively target marketed. From the onset The Blind Side seems custom tailored to Christian women […]

Easter Sunday

What better way to spend Easter Sunday than grilling meat on the BBQ and watching Christ’s murder’s in action. What?! Let me explain, earlier in the week a friend mentioned […]

Hallo Berlin

The weather was so perfect I decided to skip the gym and meet up with Kelly and the gang for drinks at this aptly named German beer garden, Hallo Berlin. […]


Today some asshole at work thought it would be cute to steal my Naked Juice from the refrigerator. What a dick move. Normally I would  ignore this sort of rude […]

Year in Review 2009

Looking back at 2009 I’ve found my blog has lost some of what made it such a fun read in 2008.  No longer is it a collection of random rants […]

New Years Eve

Spent New Years Eve at my parents watching Dexter season 01. So far I find The character of Dexter fascinating but the plot silly and typical of bad soap opera […]

Christmas Eve

Spent the morning at work slaving away before heading to my parents place to gorge on my moms food and Panettone (Italian fruit cake).

Secret Santa

Met the gang for some hugs, kisses and Secret Santa gift giving. This year I asked Santa for the geekiest gift ever, a Playstation 3 Energizer Power & Play Charging […]

Getting Even

This kid is tired of students typing away on their laptops during class so he decides to take notes during a lecture on an old typewriter. Brilliant!

Best Birthday Party Ever

I only expected a few people to show but by the end of the night 40+ people came to celebrate my 31st birthday. I really have the best friends in […]

Use Protection

As usual I was running late for work when I dropped my iPhone. Normally this wouldn’t be worth mentioning but since Halloween I’ve been carrying my iPhone without any protective […]

Return of the Cookie Monster

Second day in a row I was unable to thwart the cookie monster. I’m not sure if this is directly related to the weather or work stress. Probably work related. […]

Case of the Mondays

Woke up feeling bummed and I’m not really sure why. At lunch I ate three cookies in an attempt to feel better. This had the opposite effect making me feel […]

Die, Mommie, Die!

Spent the evening watching a live performance of Die, Mommy, Die! My friend stole the show. About the Show Angela is a lounge singer who is attempting to resuscitate her […]

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

For Best Costume the award goes to Karate Kid “Shower Guy” aka Hamilton Tamayo.  The winner gets one night stay at Surrey Hotel in NYC with Spa treatment for two […]


Halloween in NYC is usually amazing but torrential rain washed away all the fun.  Somehow I managed to stay dry by hitting a few house parties but called it an […]


Why do I always have an early morning meeting after a night of drunken debauchery? I think the scariest thing about my companies Halloween party is the work laying in […]

Company Monster Mash

All day thoughts of ghosts and goblins danced through my head as I watched the clock count down to 5pm. My favorite holiday party was here and I had a […]

Decisions, Decisions

After confronting the fact that my Cap’n Crunch costume would have to wait till next year I was forced to scramble for a costume. Patrick Swayze, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart were […]

Emotional Roller Coaster

I’ve watched this video several times and each time I see something new; innocence, fear and exhilaration. Oddly this video feels like something Norman Rockwell would have created had he […]

Guess & Marie Claire

An exclusive cocktail reception with booze provided by Patron made for a great Wednesday night.  Sadly, Rob did not perform “Scotty Doesn’t Know” for Michelle. I’m certain he would have […]

Hung Over

I woke up raw, blew off a meeting and showed up to work two hours late. Embarrassed by my display of poor judgement I spent the rest of the morning […]

Community Service

The annual, give back to the community event was today and I had the best time working with my team. Feast your eyes on our handy work. Pretty slick if […]

Fourth of July BBQ

Kelly and Jarrod threw their annual 4th of July BBQ and the food was crazy good.  All the exercise and dieting progress I made the week earlier was completely undone. […]

Billy Mays 1958-2009

I don’t want my blog to look like the obituaries but celebrities are dying left and right.  The newest addition is Billy Mays. KABOOM – Billy Mays found dead in […]

My House Plant

As far back as I can remember my mother had house plants. So I find it odd that I never thought about getting a few of my own. Maybe it’s […]

52 Blocks

Came across this story in the New York Times and it reminded me of growing up in the South Bronx.  I would see people practice this “style of fighting” and […]

Keg Stand

Keg stand is a popular drinking ritual performed using a beer keg. Its most common form involves the drinking participant grabbing onto the keg’s handles as he or she is […]


Exhaustion and lack of sleep made the drive up to Long Island painful.  The thought of  running around under the hot sun while dodging paint balls was definitely not appealing.  […]

Sports Fix

I am in no way a sports fan but every so often I get on a kick and immerse myself in all things athletic. I spent most of the afternoon […]

As Seen on TV

I have a deep distrust of all products sold via infomercial. For years products like The Ginsu knife, Juiceman Juicer and the Magic Bullet  have played on my desire, as […]

Saturday Maddness

Brunch, a walk in Central Park and drinks till four in morning is the new chicken soup for the soul.  Now where is that aspirin?

Positive Reinforcement

While riding the subway the conductor used a different approach at crowd control that caught my attention. Instead of the standard “please let the passengers off the train” a new […]

Chateau Blanc

After a twelve hour day I decided to indulge (ruin my diet) myself with the culinary delights of Chateau Blanc.

R̦yksopp РJunior

It dropped today and you better believe I picked it up.  I am tempted to give my first impressions but Röyksopp has a tendency to grow on you so doing […]

Medieval Times

I finally got around to booking tickets. I thought I was being silly but it seems everyone is excited. My friends are such nerds. I love it.

Body of Lies

Leo is a total miscast and the love story seems so tacked on. Not a bad movie but definatly Ridley Scott’s weakest in recent history.

Role Models

Hilarious! I’m not sure if Paul Rudd is deserving of so much praise but it was definitely funny.

Fuck Ticketmaster

Depeche Mode concert tickets at Madison Square Garden went on sale at 10:00:00am and surprise surprise all the good seats were gone by 10:00:01am. At $100 a ticket I shouldn’t […]


What started as an excursion to get out of the house and pick up a few t-shirts turned into a shopping spree.  What the fuck am i thinking.  I need […]

Let the Right One In

Amazing for so many reasons.  I’m actually finding it hard to describe why this is one of the best vampire movies ever made.  It works on so many levels and […]


In my opinion, the best Disney movie ever.  Dark, complex and truly magical.  I have so many good memories associated with this film I had to pick up a copy […]


I respect Guy Ritchie for pushing himself but Revolver is a mess in desperate need of editing and a stronger narrative.


Entertaining but it felt like I was watching a late night movie on Cinemax.


I’ve been reading the book for the past year and constantly find myself being distracted or completely disinterested.  For the longest I couldn’t figure out why until I saw the […]


I had a bad case of the Sunday night blues and decided to watch something cheerful.  Enchanted was the perfect movie to distract me.  Highly recommended.

Seperate Checks

Normally I wouldn’t raise an eyebrow about the check but it was a birthday party and instead of paying our own individual bills we split it evenly between eight.  Not […]


When I first heard about this movie I didn’t know what to think. I’d heard many comparisons to Being John Malkovich but with action. Now that I’ve seen the film […]

Sukiyaki Western Django

More fun to say than watch the movie is a bizarre blend of Japanese samurai and spaghetti western movie genres with a hint of Shakespeare. I say skip it and […]


I laid in bed bored and unable to sleep before eventually deciding to purchase my first iPhone video game from the App Store.  Staring at thousands of options I let […]

The Oscars

Afters watching all the Best Picture nominated films I can honestly say I’m sick of the Hollywood political machine / agenda. Picking Sean Penn is a blatant act by the […]

Oscar Movie Marathon

Milk A decent film but in no way worthy of an Oscar nomination. The Reader I hadn’t heard a lot about the film whigh I find unsettling considering it was […]


Step 1. Do my laundry.  That hamper looked like it was about to come alive and eat my bedroom Step 2. Grocery shop or starve. Step 3. Prepare a massive […]

Saw V

The contraptions of torture are just as devious as its predecessors but I can’t help but feel the series has run it’s course. One gets the sense the writers are […]

Nick and Nora’s Infinite Playlist

I can’t recommend this movie since I found my thoughts drifting throughout the entire film. And the few moments I was focused are completly attributed to the kick ass soundtrack. […]


I had heard the term gonzo journalism thrown around but never had a true understanding of it’s meaning or origin. Curious, I rented Gonzo, a documentary on the creator of […]

Max Payne

Will they ever make a good video game movie? I’m complelty aware that most video games stories / plots are thin but it shouldn’t be this hard.

Valentine’s Day

They all huddled together seeking relief from the cancer of the heart and soul known as loneliness.  As I stood at the bar, sipping my cocktail, the knowledge that I […]

Bigger, Stronger, Faster

An interesting, funny and thought provoking documentary on the role of steroids in professional sports and its impact on American morality and ethics.


Unable to sleep I decided to watch: Vicky Cristina Barcelona Typical Woody Allen which is a good thing. Burn After Reading Neither funny or entertaining. The only enjoyable part is […]

Death Race

Dare I say great?  I expected the worst considering the film was directed by Paul WS Anderson. Suprisingly Anderson manages to inject new life into this Roger Corman remake. In […]

Every Second Counts

Laundry, grocery shopping, picking up my dry cleaning, cleaning the apartment and getting my taxes is manageable if I had a full weekend. Sadly I have to work on Sunday […]


I can’t think of a single movie that stars Ed Harris that’s bad. Thankfully Appaloosa keeps his perfect record in tact. Is the movie perfect, no, but it does enough […]

mStand Laptop Stand

I’m amazed at how much of a difference my new laptop stand has had on my work. Sure it was extremely over priced but I works like a charm and […]

Best Weekend Ever? Day 05

It was our last day together before Mihoko had to head back to San Francisco. We got up early and had brunch at Penelope, wandered NYC, took in My Bloody […]

Best Weekend Ever? Day 04

Brunch at Mojave, live music and an amazing Super Bowl party. If that wasn’t enough, I even got to see my friend Linda.  We hadn’t seen each other for two […]

Best Weekend Ever? Day 03

What should have been a day packed with sight seeing ended up being a lazy Saturday filled with lots of laughs and hi jinx. At around seven we headed into […]

Best Weekend Ever? Day 02

Some shopping in SOHO and a party at Amanda’s helped me forget about all the work drama.  On top of that the gang got to meet Mihoko.  I think they […]

Best Weekend Ever?

Mihoko’s arrival officially kicks off one of the best weekends ever. A ton of events are going on and I plan to attend all of them.

Burned Out

I stared at the page blankly for an hour. Was this what they call in the business, “burning out”? I hope not.

The Killers

Put in a full eight hour day before meeting up with Al at Madison Square Garden to see The Killers. Highlights include: The  Killers rocked M83 opened for them. The […]

Pity the Fool

Mihoko would be in town on Thursday and knowing the hectic work week that lay ahead I had no choice but to spend all day and night cleaning. I pity […]

A Little Push

After another long and grueling day I met up with Pab and Al at Key Bar. Six drinks later this gorgeous blond walked in to have a drink with a […]

The Strip Game

A documentary about strippers directed by Method Man. What could go wrong?Apparently everything. The strip game attempts to shed light on the lifestyle strippers lead and the motivation behind their […]

Lazy Monday

Traitor Entertaining and well made but nothing special. The Savages Rather than deal directly with the main character’s issues, writer/director Tamara Jenkins uses the father’s Parkinson’s disease as a plot […]

One Thousand Dollar Day

I was down to my last pair of contacts and decided it was time to get a new supply along with a new pair of glasses. Now I’m not sure […]


Now that I’ve finally caught up with Nip Tuck I’ve decided to start a new show, ROME.  So far my only complaint is the rampant abuse of full frontal nudity.  […]

Frozen City

The thermostat dipped into the negatives as we tried to stay warm with a few happy hour drinks. Tempted to go out hunting I came to my senses with the […]

Slowing Down?

Two weeks into the new year and not a single date?! A few people have asked if everything was alright and it got me thinking, am I slowing down? I […]


Went out and purchased a pair of nightstand lamps from CB2 to replace the old ones I have.  I had been putting it off for quite sometime and decided today […]

Playing Catch Up

Resident Evil : Degeneration This was actually good if you don’t mind a few campy scenes here and there. To its credit the quality of the animation is great considering […]

Rodeo Rider

Morning I had to go into work and oddly enough didn’t mind. I guess I’m just happy to have a job. Evening Met up with the gang at Mason Dixon […]

Fifteen Hours

Worked a fifteen hour day and still managed to get a drink with Pab and Al. Surprisingly, Vig Bar was packed considering the bitter cold weather.  Tempted to run home […]

Creative Engine

Just got off work and feel pretty accomplished. A solid thirteen hours produced some really great designs. I openly admit it isn’t anything that will win me awards but I’m […]


Bubbly was how she described me to Sui, over dinner.  At first I didn’t think anything of it but as I rode the train back into Astoria I started to […]

The Visitor

After watching a slew of bad movies I decided to pick something up with substance.  I recall seeing a trailer at Sunshine and on many critics best of 2008 list. […]

Triple Header

I almost didn’t post my thoughts on the last three films I saw in 2008 but the completionist in me wouldn’t allow it.  So lets start with bad and work […]


If you took the “unfufilled with life” character from Fight Club and gave him the ability to curl bullets around corners you would have an awesome movie. Problem is the […]


Last night while getting ready for bed I began thinking of uses for the iSight camera built into my laptop. Aside from taking funny pictures to be used on Facebook […]


Heading back home on a snowy Friday night I can’t help but feel stuck.  Stuck in that space that exsists between dreams and lucidity. Moments in time roll into one […]

Love Actually

I’m a firm believer that certain movies find you at certain points in your life to help you gain perspective. Watching Love Actually was a perfect example of this theory. […]


Essential viewing for all graphic designers and enjoyable viewing for the general audience that want an education on design. And even if you don’t care about design it is still […]

Sarah Silverman: Jesus Is Magic

What better way to celebrate Christmas than watching a film that pokes fun at JC himself.  Sadly the film sucked and had only two funny jokes which i had already […]

Xbox 360 – Netflix Streaming

Considering I have four days off and nothing to do I decided to set up the Netflix streaming feature on my 360. Impressions Quality was comparable to a DVD which […]

The Wrestler

A great movie that shows Darren Aronofsky is a master of his craft and proves Mickey Rourke is an amazing actor deserving of all the Oscar Best Actor buzz.

In Bruges

When compared to most movies I love, In Bruges is enjoyable but average. But when I consider the sea of crappy movies I’ve seen lately it was definitely a breath […]

War Inc.

I losely recall watching Grosse Pointe Blank and thinking it was a funny concept and decent execution. Sadly War Inc. loses a lot of what made Groos Pointe Blank so […]

The Happening

M. Night needs to stop making movies and concentrate on writing books or short stories. I apprciate his attempt at making tried and true film generes more cerebral and personal […]

Best of 2008 – Music

It’s that time of the year were people begin to post their “Best of Lists.” Normally I wouldn’t post this sort of thing but I’m buckling to peer pressure. 10) […]

Diary of the Dead

Diary of the Dead has some genuinly interesting moments but it’s definatly for George Romero / zombie fans only.

Brunch & Shopping

I met up with Kelly and Genevive at Yuca Bar and Restaurant for brunch and decided to spend the rest of the day with them, shopping.  As we made our […]

A Housewarming

Attended a housewarming and realized I need to get my shit together.  That is the second one this year and I’m starting to feel like I’m just wasting my money […]

Working It Out

Had dinner with Al at Agave and worked everything out.  Oddly enough it felt more like a formality considering I was so over it.

X-Files – I Want to Believe

What would have been a throw away episode of the X-Files has been poorly elongated into a boring movie that leaves the viewer scratching his head and true X-Files fans […]

Hellboy 2

Their is a reason Hellboy is a niche comic book, it’s sucks. To be fair I am sure the comic book is better than the films since they have more […]

Speed Racer

This movie is a visual feast and I am surprised that people hated it.  I am not a big fan of the Wachowski brothers but this movie is fun and […]

Eyes Wide Shut

This is one of those movies that is completely polarizing.  You either love it or hate it.  I fall under the “LOVE IT” column.  I think its due to my […]

Dinner and Scotch

Al, Jarrod and Rob took me out to dinner for my birthday.  The place was called Toledo and it was a swanky (always wanted to use that word) place that […]

My 30th Birthday

Who had I become? Staring back at me in the bedroom mirror was this man no longer afraid of himself or his surroundings. The insecurities that had plagued me in […]

Kung Fu Panda

Just like with Get Smart I found it difficult to give Kung Fu Panda my full attention. It was a really cute movie but my attention just kept drifting away.

Get Smart

They need to stop taking old TV shows and making them into movies. It always feels like a bad breakup. The love and romance you once had is gone and […]

Glass Half Full

I awoke tired and completely wiped due to the previous nights Xbox Live marathon session with Al and Rob. Facing the reality of waiting in a long line at the […]

Caracas Arepa

After work we hit Black Bear Lodge, got loaded up and then set out on a mission to find Caracas Arepa.  It wasn’t the fanciest place but the arepas were […]

The Fall

I normally don’t include the plot in my posts cause I believe the movie poster and my impressions should be enough to get you to run out and see it, […]

Mr. Brooks

The film is greatly unbalanced in tone, which ranges from deep psychological thriller to music video. Regardless I found it enjoyable.

Left 4 Dead

What do you get when you combine video games and zombies?  A very happy Tama-Chan!  To give you a sense of how amazing this game is I included the opening […]

New Xbox Experience

I’m a huge video game nerd and today was the launch of the new Xbox 360 GUI (Graphical User Interface).  I had been keeping up with its development, handled by […]

My Blueberry Nights

I’m a huge WKW fan and was crazy excited to see his latest film.  Perhaps my expectations were set too high cause i was really disappointed.  The film isn’t bad […]

Geek Pron

It’s a rare occasion when you can combine your geek love for video games with sneaker fashion.  Feast your eyes on the Nike Air Classic BW – Nintendo sneakers. I […]

Phantom Dust

I was at today looking at my first attempt at blogging and found an entry I felt belonged here. I guess it was the only entry that felt “pure.” […]

A Better Tomorrow

I laid in bed thinking about last nights historic event when suddenly a sense of patriotism and tranquility long forgotten once again filled my ghost. Barak Obama won and our […]

The Price of Freedom

On any given day the price would be debatable but today, election day, freedom cost me $108.32 Instead of putting my headphones on I carelessly slung them around my collar. […]

Fuck You AT&T

Ever notice how easy it is to pay your bill or add service? Now try to remove or cancel service, it’s a nightmare. Tonight I called to apply my company […]

Nip / Tuck

I’ve been home more often and now have the time to catch up on all these great television shows I’ve missed: Mad Men, Californication, Entourage and Nip / Tuck It […]

Company Halloween Party

It seems $20 worth of McDonald’s cheeseburgers was not enough to help me win the costume contest.  On the flip side it did make me very popular with hungry drunk […]

Synecdoche, New York

To say this film is bad would be the understatement of the year.  What bothered me most was being subjected to Charlie Kaufman’s insecurities about his writing, life, death and […]

Test Run for the Hamburglar

I just got in from Annie’s Halloween Bash and I had a good time. It was really cool to see people’s inner child light up when they saw my costume. […]

Dead Space

Billed as a survival horror game inspired by famous horror and action/sci-fi films, Deep Space looked too amazing to pass up.

Home Improvement

The theromstat had been falling fast all week and I had yet to feel any heat rise from the radiators in my apartment. Not sure when it would kick in, […]

Costume Designer

I would love to take credit for the costume idea (not that it hasn’t occurred to me before) but all the credit goes to T.  Like all great idea this […]

My Extended Family

We met for brunch before heading over to Erik’s housewarming (freaking amazing) and I couldn’t help but feel these people were no longer my friends. They felt more like family.

Too Much Noise

Embarrassed doesn’t even begin to describe how I feel.  The party started at 9 but got shut down at 1 a.m. by my landlord.  Everyone was really kind and comforted […]

The War Room

I rented this documentary since the election is right around the corner.  Maybe my expectation level was too high cause I didn’t think it was as good as every one […]

King of California

I loved this movie even if the ending sucked, and by sucked I mean it didn’t end the way I wanted.  But it was the right ending. Overall the film […]


Everyone that’s seen the show has told me I have a lot in common with the main character. Now that I’ve seen the entire first season I have to agree. […]

Appleseed Ex Machina

The story is your typical anime fare, technology induced zombification and the blurred line between man and machine.  The animation on the other hand is fucking brilliant.


If you like dick and fart jokes, rent it.  I thought it was trying way too hard to be like Clerks.  It has also solidified my belief that Ryan Reynolds […]

The Beach

I wanted to love this movie but it has so many flaws and takes so many wrong turns.  I expected more from Danny Boyle.

Dan In Real Life

I rented this hoping it was the tale of a Rhodes Scholar who finds himself teaching the true meaning of life to orphan children through the zen art of making […]

Sex & the City

If I had ovaries I would give this movie 5 stars. Thankfully I was born with a dick between my legs and see the movie for what it truly is, […]

There Will Be Blood

What could have been a fully realized film turns out to be nothing more than a character study.  It should be noted that Daniel Day Lewis turns in another amazing […]

Rez HD

I got bored and figured it was time to finally pick up a copy of Rez HD.  It’s just gorgeous on my Sony 42″ LCD.  I think I achieved true […]

Lost Boys: The Tribe

It was a matter of time before someone came along and decide to make a sequel to one of my favorite vampire movies. Sadly it was a hack director and […]

Happy Birthday Al!

I should have been happy but I couldn’t help but feel sad that our plans to visit Argentina in November were kaput.  As well as visiting Japan with Mihoko. Thankfully […]


I skipped it when it was out in the theaters believing it would be awful and now that I’ve finally seen it I can say it was a pretty good […]


The story of a young woman with razor sharp teeth in her vagina. Clearly a horror movie, right?  Not when you consider that the movie is trying to be a […]

Freaking Amazing

The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford Admiration, anger, cowardice, and meekness can be seen all over his face.  In every scene, Casey Affleck portrays Robert Ford […]


As the first note danced across the crowd a deep sense of sorrow crawled into my heart. I knew the intimate details of his woe and felt the weight of […]

Gone Baby Gone

After this movie two things are clear: Ben Affleck should not have won an Oscar for Good Will Hunting cause it’s clear William Goldman and Matt Damon did all the […]


The script was tight and Mel Gibson knows how to direct.  I really had a good time watching this film.


After yet another birthday party the gang headed over to White Star for our first taste of Absinthe.


I was hoping I would wake up from the nightmare that was yesterday but had no such luck. I was still upset about losing 2 years of work and had […]


The note sat on my desk informing me that all my data had been erased during the OS X Leopard upgrade.  At first I thought it was a practical joke […]

My First House Party

The rain outside was torrential and any chance of going out was out the window.  I weighted my options: Going to bed early, alone Watching a movie, alone Playing Xbox […]


September marks the end of summer and the beginning of birthday season.  Every weekend this month I have a birthday party to attend and Wilma was up first.  I feel […]

Drillbit Taylor

This movie is bad but even shitty movies have redeeming qualities.  What those are I don’t know.  Now before you add this to your Netflix queue please keep in mind […]


We hadn’t been back a full 24 hours and already we were at Key Bar knocking back martinis and reminiscing about Montreal.  Afterward we walked over to S.Mac for some […]


The drive back to NY seemed to take forever due to customs and traffic. While boarder crossing we watched these two yuppie assholes (in a Porsche) returning from a secret […]

Montreal – Day 3

After a relaxing afternoon at the Olympic Park we decided to check out old Montreal / Paris lite. I’ve never been to Paris or Europe for that matter but from […]

Montreal – Day 2

My impression of the French can be summed up in three simple points: They make amazingly tasty bread Have a bleak outlook on life (existentialism) and All French women are […]

Packing for Montreal

It’s never a good idea to pack while drunk and it’s even worse to pack when you are drunk and watching a movie.  You end up getting distracted and packing […]

Castle Crashers

It seems Microsoft finally has a solid Live Arcade publishing calender.  Two weeks ago they released Bionic Commando Rearmed then Geometry Wars Evolved 2 the subsequent week and now Castle […]

The Empire Hotel

All summer Pab has wanted to hit the roof top bar at the Empire Hotel and tonight we finally got around to it. The view was amazing and the talent […]

Cheap Shots

Spent the evening with the DTAS crew, bar hoping.  The highlight of the night was the Boxing Machine (commonly seen at carnivals) located in the back of Cheap Shots.

Geometry Wars Evolved 2

Adding your friends top score at the end of every match is a brilliant game design decision that motivates you to keep playing. I easily lost five hours trying to […]

Blockbuster Night

I’ve been run around for the past two weeks and decided to go straight home after work and make it an old school Blockbuster night. Smart People The dialog was […]

Do You Reject the Devil?

Today I attended a Baptism for someone very small and close to my heart.  I felt honored to be part of this special occasion. Add another private to God’s army. […]

Family Circus – Work Edition

Dennis: Any plans this weekend Coworker:  umm goodbye party tonight, welcome back brunch tomorrow, farewell brunch on sunday. Dennis: Lots of people coming and going Priceless.

Good Bye San Francisco

I felt a tinge of saddness at the airport when I hugged Mihoko goodbye. I had a great time and half way throught the flight I already began to miss […]

San Francisco – Day 5

I was hoping to get a picture of the Golden Gate Bridge before leaving but the San Francisco weather / cloud cover made that impossible.  I was a bit bummed […]

San Francisco – Day 4

Mihoko had dance class in the afternoon so I decided to go and explore downtown and the financial district. Around six I stopped by the studio and got the chance […]

San Francisco – Day 3

Pab mentioned having the best mac & cheese at this spot called Ella’s when he visited San Francisco last year. Being the foodie that I am I jumped at the […]

San Francisco – Day 2

I made a common San Francisco tourist mistake by not booking tickets to Alcatraz in advance. So my plan of reenacting scenes from “Escape from Alcatraz” and ” The Rock” […]

Pack It Up

Step 1: Create a list of every outfit you will wear in San Francisco Step 2: Find matching socks and underwear for each outfit. Step 3: Carefully fold and place […]

Shop Till You Drop

I walked the around the city for hours searching for the perfect pair of sneakers.  Now I must admit I’m a Nike whore but when we walked into the Adidas […]

Hipster Olympics

Supposedly this clip hit the net a year ago but I missed it. Special thanks to E for bringing this to my attention.

MGMT & The Ting Tings

Woke up early so we could get into the free MGMT and The Ting Tings show at McCarren Pool. When we got there the line was out the park and […]

I Need Sleep

I should have slept in and gotten four hours of sleep but I decided to played it safe and go to work on time. All day I struggled to stay […]

The Punch

Toward the end of the night I started getting drunk and I blame it on the punch. Sure I could blame it on all the beers I had at Black […]

The Sporanos

I started watching the Sopranos while I waited for the clothes to dry.  I loved Paulie’s (Tony Sirico) rant on the Italians missing the boat on the whole Starbucks / […]

Those Clothes

Another day without Downy fresh clean clothes and I have no one to blame but myself. Before anyone gets the impression I’m some dirty guy that flips his underwear inside […]

Camping Day 2

I woke up dreading the idea of using the showers at the camp site but knew I smelled god awful. Faced with the grim reality of showering in a stall […]

Camping Day 1

When I told people I was going camping the response was the same, “you don’t strike me as the camping type.” Truth is I’m not! But I remember having a […]

I Need to Go Home

Al got back from Wisconsin and wanted to meet up with the fellas for a quick drink.  I had plans to go camping Saturday and knew it was a bad […]

Community Service Day

Stenciled two quotes in the principles office Took orders from my work crush Saw my parents Made a total ass of myself in front of a coworker Played flip cup […]

The Lost Thirteen

30 Days of Night Great premise terrible ending.  Only for the the comic book / horror movie fan. Beowulf I actually found this film very enjoyable. Neil Gaiman and Roger […]

Summer BBQ

Kelly and Jarrod decided to throw a big summer BBQ and to say it was good would be a huge understatement.  The food was ridonkulous. I normally stop eating when […]

Iphone 3G

Introducing EVA my iPhone 3G I was up at the crack of dawn, dead set on getting an iPhone 3G and confident my plan would work.  Instead of going all […]

SOHO Grand

After work I met up with Chika and Chris for drinks at the SOHO Grand.  It seems they had an interior decorator summer meet and greet.  I normally wouldn’t attend […]

10,000 BC

Good god this movie sucked.  I fell asleep twice while watching it and when I was able to stay up I was only half paying attention.  As one side of […]

A Real Director

I woke up feeling lazy and decided to finish watching the third installment of Harry Potter.  I found it enjoyable and actually entertaining.  The whole time I wondered, had Chris […]

The 4th of July

I spent the afternoon watching the first two Harry Potter films which I found painful to sit through.  The stories themselves were enjoyable but Chris Columbus couldn’t direct traffic let […]

Frightened Rabbit

Pab invited me to check out Frightened Rabbit at Southpaw in Brooklyn.  The show was truly amazing and I now have my new favorite band of the week.

Feeling Like A Hermit

As I left the train station the sweet / nauseating odor of McDonald’s hung in the hot summer air tempting my empty stomach.  I knew I should have walked away […]

American Gladiators

Tonight we went to Mercury Bar to watch an episode of American Gladiators. Why? Well, our friend Jessica was one of the 20 women — selected from a pool of […]

Your Robot Bores Me

I could write a long rant about the the problems with the story and pacing. Instead I will just cut and paste something I read in the Washington Times that […]


Decided to watch Curse of the Golden Flower.  I really enjoyed the film visually but the story was a bit disappointing.  I would only recommend the film to those with […]

Gimme My Money

So after months of angry phone calls and e-mails I finaly got my $500 insurance check from Storage Deluxe.  To celebrate I went out with Al and got shut down […]

The Eternal Hourglass

What if a demon were to creep after you one night, in your loneliest loneliness, and say, ‘This life which you live must be lived by you once again and […]


I hate it when people accuse me of shit.  Nothing angers me more than ignorant motherfuckers.  The saddest part is I really care about people and try my hardest to […]

Roof Top Party

One of my co-workers decided to throw himself a birthday party on the roof of his apartment.  Highlights included: Picking up this cute Korean girl. Watching Rob get fucked up. […]

My Old Hood

Rob was playing with his band Bellow around the corner from my old apartment on the Upper East Side.  Somewhere during the middle of his set I took a quick […]

My Ex-High School Sweetheart

What most people don’t know about me is during high school I dated Thalia.  We had a very special, some might even say secret relationship.  It was so secret I […]

Odd Dreams & Self Medication

Another night of weird dreams.  This one involved ping pong, my work crush and a feeling of deep inner turmoil.  I must be having my man period. After work I […]

Another Birthday

But this one was extra special since it was my brother’s birthday.  In an attempt to avoid writing a sappy love letter to my bro I will just say he […]

First Summer Friday

I didn’t have a ton of work so I decided to indulge and use one of my four summer Fridays.  Normally I would have goofed off around the house but […]

Addressing My Small Audience

I’ve been trying to avoid using images and video on my blog since it adds an extra step to the whole process. I guess my original avoidance stemmed from pure […]

Taking Off the Wrapping

Sometimes I think I just buy things for two reasons: To say that I got it when it first came out. To take the plastic wrap off. I picked up […]

Dreams Of iPhone 3G

Yesterday the new iPhone was announced and today I spent most of my day reading and researching all the cool new features.  I can’t wait till July 11th.  Here is […]

Africa Hot

The first heatwave of the summer is in full effect and I still haven’t purchased an air conditioner.  I knew it would be hot but I never expected it to […]

Puerto Rican Day Parade

Why do they give police guns? To shoot people. Why do they give police semi-automatic guns? To shoot many people in a short amount of time. When I don’t hear […]

Rebel Yell

Tonight was my friends birthday and she decided to have it at Rebel. I’d never been and was pretty excited till I saw the crowd, a bunch of rowdy ghetto […]

The Golden Compass

Why did I watch this? On a good note I just purchased the Call of Duty 4 multiplayer map pack. I really enjoyed the Chinatown map. No jokes!

Ready To Tanqueray?

Tonight I attended the Tanqueray Style Session. I love Tanqueray and Tanqueray loves me. A Mark Ecko fashion show, hot models and an amazing DJ were some of the highlights. […]

Slept Most of the Day

I got home at 11:45 am and passed out on my couch. When I awoke I checked my mail and saw a message from Al containing an MP3 of Night […]

St. Martin – Day Four

All good things come to an end. Back in NY I ran into Amy at Vig.  We had a drink at this cute little place called Peasant and patched things […]

St. Martin – Day Two

My hardest choice was picking what to eat for dinner. We went to a small restaurant that was empty but highly recommended by the concierge. The food was amazing and […]

All Staff

My company had its biannual pat on the back party. This was the best part of the party (as you can see, I can’t lip sync).

Money Issues

I decided to be responsible and pay my bills. Boy was that a bad move. After an hour of pulling out my hair and cursing my bad spending habits I […]

Woke Up Raw

It has been a long time since I’ve woken up raw.  Luckily it was Mother’s Day.  I made my way up to the Bronx and had one of the best […]

Stoli Hotel

I was on the train a few days ago when this bouncer got on and I struck up a conversation. He mentioned he worked at this place called the 45 […]

All Dressed Up

Takashimaya New York My good friend Christopher Ong invited me to his Mothers Day / Candle Collection party held at Takashimaya.  I got to rub shoulders with a bunch of […]

Cliff Notes Tamayo Edition

Some how I got into a conversation about my blog last night. Concerns about it being linked to my Facebook profile and open to anyone were some of the topics.  […]

Grand Theft Auto 4

Getting stood up really pissed me off and it seems four hours of sleep wasn’t enough to shake that crumby feeling. I was depressed all day and decided to head […]


Laundry was the highlight of my day and I’m starting to notice a trend.  It seems I have made Tuesday my official laundry day.  In doing so I’ve made Tuesday […]

Can You Feel the G-Force?

I woke up extra early so I could catch the 8 o’clock bus to Jersey.  The courthouse opens at 9:00 and I was hoping I could pick up the bail […]

Put Him In The Trunk

I wanted to keep my Saturday low key but once again I failed. The plan was to get up make a small breakfast, meet D for lunch and invite the […]


Today was the beginning of a three-day drinking marathon.  I know I’ll end up paying for it next week but I couldn’t pass up free drinks. I convinced Al to […]

Spin Cycle

Tuesday is offically laundry day for Tamayo. I planned on getting all my clothes to smell Downy fresh but sometimes things don’t go as planned. They go better than planned. […]

Dinner with Ronn

In an attempt to repay Ronn for all the times he’s let us skip the line or hooked us up with girls at Vig I decided to take him out […]


We killed time at Public before going to see Rob play with his band, Bellow.  I was actually really impressed by  the number of  people that showed.  Half way thru […]

Set Shields to Loud

I was on the train heading to work when two people started arguing and shoving each other.  I cranked my iPod and drowned them out.  Fucking savages.

Bad Movie Night

T and Al came over to watch Vampire’s Kiss. It was truly memorable. Afterwards we had a late supper at Mojave. It was really good and I think I might […]

Not Fast Enough

I thought I could catch up on my blog, squeeze in my workout and still make it to dinner on time but I was wrong.  I arrived at Palm Too, […]


I really hate making icons because you invest so much time and effort into something so small. I’m also super afraid of doing them because I suck but luckily I […]

The Spark

Its been a while since the fellas and I have met for beer and wings at Red Sky. So I was happy when Pab and Al invited me to have […]

Shoe Spree

It’s amazing how one day of freak winter snow can ruin everything.  I’m not talking about train delays or being snowed in at the airport.  Those are to be expected.  […]

Media Center

George came over before heading off to work and helped me finish hooking up my media center.  I had gotten all the cables necessary for hooking up all my components […]

Missing Out

I was so tired from work and the weekend that I decided to skip the NYC TV party celebrating the many Emmy wins/nominations they received. Instead I went to the […]


Woke up feeling a little better but was still feeling sick. I wanted to bang out but I had a ton of work waiting for me at the office. Now […]

Sick Again?

I woke up feeling like crap. It might have been the run but for some reason I think it had more to do with the bug going around the office. […]

Getting Stronger

I was excited at the prospect of getting home at a reasonable hour. I’m not sure what came over me but as soon as I walked thru the door I […]


After work I decided to head home and just relax before heading out with Al. It had been a long week and we needed to catch up. Instead of going […]

Lazy Tuesday

Got off of work and went directly home to finally enjoy the true power and beauty of my new Sony Bravia. Is it possible for a piece of technology to […]

Dog-tired, Boss!

While hooking up my television I somehow managed to fall asleep face down on the floor with my arms tucked underneath me. When I awoke I instantly realized something was […]

Client Party

An open bar, endless stream of hors d’ouevres, live music and clients were on the agenda tonight. The event ended up being really fun with a few awkward moments sprinkled […]


Two weeks of dirty clothes were piled high in a hamper located in the corner of my bedroom. Alongside of it was another hamper filled with dirty linens that had […]

Sony Bravia

I’m so happy that I finally have the TV of my dreams but I’m also nervous about the impending retinal damage. My new apartment has a very small bedroom and […]

My Friendly Neighborhood Ghost

7:30am Nelly Furtado’s blares out of my radio causing me to jump out of bed. 7:45am Shower. 8:00am Begin deep cleaning everything that was in storage. 9:45am While washing a […]

Cool Ideas Scare People

When people ask me what I do for a living I usually reply with my standard “I make shit look cool” response.  But the more and more I think about […]

Mass Exodus & Patterns

I’m a firm believer that life in all its facets has a rhythm. Often times I forget about it till I’m caught off guard by some event that reminds me […]


I was planning on going home immediately after work to do a little cleaning but Micheline sent out a dinner invitation to celebrate her promotion. I’m happy she finally got […]

Memory Box

It sat in the corner of my kitchen floor with the words Sandy Miscellaneous written all over it. I would have pushed it aside and dealt with it later but […]

Moving Day

I try to avoid talking about really personal stuff on this blog but Mike pointed out something that really affected me. While we were unloading the truck he came across […]

The Calm Before the Storm

Tomorrow is the big move and I’m filled with all this anxiety. I think it’s due to the time restraints and financial responsibility commonly associated with moving. You rent a […]

Leap Year Party

Ever have one of those days where you feel like your just piloting a mech (walking vehicles controlled by a pilot, often appearing in science fiction or other genres involving […]

Nerd or Geek? You Decide

Last nights conversation with Eunice got me thinking, am I a nerd or a geek?  I racked my brain trying to figure out what the difference was but just got […]

Mutant Prototype

Today I realized god must have used the mutant prototype template when creating me. Their have been a few signs along the way like my inability to wink but I […]

Whole Again

I was raw from last nights drink-a-palooza but needed to get up early and pick up my shades. I had lost them last week in a cab and was miserable […]

Low Energy, Low Key

I didn’t really do anything with my morning, which was defiantly welcomed considering I’d been out late all week. In the evening I met up with Al and T for […]

My Friends Rock

I was tired from last night’s party at Touch and prayed Friday would be quite but had no suck luck.  My 9:00am meeting was grueling and I was expected to […]

Touch + NYC TV = Happy D

I had received an invitation to a NYC TV release party in the mail (yes the mail) from Timi and figured it would be fun.  I planned on meeting Christopher […]

Neko Nyanbou

A while ago I mentioned Chika had gone to Japan for New Years and brought me back a bunch of cool little knick-knacks. One of them I specifically requested is […]


George and I headed to Coney Island to get our taxes done. I would normally just get them done around here or do them myself online. But for the past […]

Will Wonders Never Cease!

It was a really nasty day out in the city.   It snowed all day and usually I love the snow but for some reason I just wasn’t feeling it. Al […]

The Circle of Dating

For a while I’ve held the belief that dating has set patterns dictated by the calendar. As a public service announcement and the lack of anything interesting to write about […]

Over Achieving or Under Performing

Below you will find a copy of my To Do List Look for apartments. Contact V-Moda about repairing my headphones. Make hairstylist appointment Find new WordPress theme for my blog […]

The Shoe Show = Strip Club

Last night after the Super Bowl, Paul and I went to a “shoe show” (Scandals). At first I was psyched but this voice in my head kept telling me to […]

Memory Lane & the Super Bowl

Memory Lane I got invited to watch the Super Bowl at Billy’s apartment. It happened to be in my old neighborhood, Astoria. Sandy and I only lived there for a […]

I’m a Social Butterfly

Today I went to a creative offsite at Carolines Comedy Club, saw Vanessa Carlton play live, attended a happy hour/industry party, went on a first date and dropped by a […]

Human Nature

So I didn’t have any work today and I am starting to get a bit worried about my job. On top of that I spoke to my ex-wife and she […]

Party Bus

I’ve always wanted to try a party bus and thanks to Robbie I got my chance. It wasn’t what I expected but it still turned out great.  I got banged […]


Saw another apartment. I was really excited about this place since it was all brand new. The only problem was I had to pay my heat and hot water. Now […]

A Bad Day

So it seems my bad luck from last night has followed me into a new day. 8:45 am Woke up and realized I had a meeting with my boss at […]

Fuck Contrast

Yesterday I wrote this blog about evil people being a necessary in helping us appreciate life more and boy oh boy does life have a sick sense of humor. After […]

Next Stop, My Apartment

I thought today was going to be the day I found my new apartment in Sunnyside, Queens but it was another failed attempt. I saw four apartments that were nice […]

A Productive Day

MacWorld 2008 Today was a bit of an odd day. I was hoping Apple would release a new version of the iPhone but instead they released a new laptop called […]

Pure Generosity?

Back to the grind. I need to start working out again. I’m feeling healthy enough. I got quite a surprise today, my boss gave me an iPod nano 8 gig […]

A New Year

I’m sick! What a great way to start the New Year. I was still able to work out. I hope I can keep this up all year. The good news […]