The Blind Side

Not since the Ten Commandments and Passion of the Christ has a movie been so effectively target marketed. From the onset The Blind Side seems custom tailored to Christian women with a penchant for charity work and southern accents. She must be tough if she’s lived her whole life with that funny accent.

That said, the movie isn’t terribly good or bad. It’s just a perfect example of Hollywood’s tendancy to make Franken-movies, liberally borrowing from better “help the disenfranchised” films.

I can’t with good concious recommend this film to anyone but it’s intended audience. So, if you attend church once a week, give money to the poor and watch Lifetime on a regular basis run out and buy this movie.

Note: I can only assume that Sandra Bullock’s Oscar was one big joke within the inner circle of Hollywood power players that backfired. If not that then they must still feel bad for snubbing her performance in Love Potion #9. Her best perfomance to date, hands down.

Final Note: Don’t you just love how Sandra Bullock is walking him into heaven. WTF!

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