Gitzo G2180

What good is a tripod without a tripod head? After some research I decided that the Gitzo G2180 would be a perfect fit for my Canon Vixia. Admittdley a bit pricey I decided it was better to go with a trusted brand name.

The G2180 is an extremely compact and low profile fluid head. Offering a complete range of technical features combined with an exceptional size / weight to performance ratio. In order to achieve such a compact size and low weight, Gitzo developed a new and unique technical compound named soulid 238®. This special techno polymer is 30% lighter than magnesium, but just as strong, with good vibration dampening. The lightness and strength of Soulid 238® make the G2180 the perfect combination of style and high tech materials. Besides exceptionally smooth movements, high quality engineering and assembly, the G2180 features a sophisticated, adjustable and highly accurate counterbalance system. The G2180 is ideal for DSLRs with long lenses and or compact DV camcorders.

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