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While working on a side project I came across this WordPress plugin that makes sharing music relatively simple. Enjoy!

[audio:http://www.zerogstudios.com/blog/audio/detox/01_Slow_Poison.mp3,http://www.zerogstudios.com/blog/audio/detox/02_WTF.mp3,http://www.zerogstudios.com/blog/audio/detox/03_Death.mp3,http://www.zerogstudios.com/blog/audio/detox/04_House_of_Mirrors.mp3,http://www.zerogstudios.com/blog/audio/detox/05_I_Felt_Stupid.mp3,http://www.zerogstudios.com/blog/audio/detox/06_Never_Never.mp3,http://www.zerogstudios.com/blog/audio/detox/07_Cynthia.mp3,http://www.zerogstudios.com/blog/audio/detox/08_I_Said.mp3,http://www.zerogstudios.com/blog/audio/detox/09_Dance_Dance_Dance.mp3,http://www.zerogstudios.com/blog/audio/detox/10_Light_Reading.mp3|titles=Slow Poison,WTF?,Death,House of Mirrors,I Felt Stupid,Never Never,Cynthia,I Said (Michael Woods Remix),Dance Dance Dance (Buraka Som Sistema Remix),Light Reading|artists=The Bravery,OK Go,White Lies,Doves,The Drums,Little Dragon,Millionyoung,Deadmau5 & Chris Lake,Lykke Li,Late Night Alumni]

Full Track List

  1. Slow Poison – The Bravery
  2. WTF? – OK Go
  3. Death – White Lies
  4. House of Mirrors – Doves
  5. I Felt Stupid – The Drums
  6. Never Never – Little Dragon
  7. Cynthia – Millionyoung
  8. I Said ( Michael Woods Remix) – Deadmau5 & Chris Lake
  9. Dance Dance Dance (Buraka Som Sistema Remix) – Lykke Li
  10. Light reading – Late Night Alumni

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