Finished Watching The Company

Still sick but I feel alot better. I think I will be able to go to work tomorrow.

Saw the rest of the Company and it just blew me away. The whole script and acting are so well done. Michael Keaton’s performance as “Mother” is fucking phenomenal, Alfred Molina is superb and Chris O’Donnell proves he can act.

I will write about it later once I get my hands on the Blu-ray copy. Yup, Blu-ray! It seems Warner Brother’s has finally decided to go Blu-ray all the way. I guess HD is fucked. At least this warrants my purchase of the PS3.

Saw Namesake (story of Indian immigrant family), it was stupid long but really good. I actually thought the performance by the father was really strong and understated.

Couldn’t sleep so I signed up for Saw a few gorgeous women, crossing my fingers.

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