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After a very long break I’m back and have come to the realization that blogging everyday is not for the faint of heart. Like any writing you have to have something to say. So, instead of writing an entry everyday I’ll be more selective about my subject matter and only post when I have something meaningful to share.

For those that actually enjoyed my rants about dating you’ll notice those entries have been password protected. Sorry, but I have to start thinking about my career. Now don’t think for a second I’ve forgotten about you. If you really enjoyed those just head on over to Twitter and follow me.


Hamilton D. Tamayo

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Anime is a masochists hobby. Ignoring the obvious language barrier, fans must slog through hundreds of hours of poorly written and animated shows/films before uncovering anything remotely good. Combine that with my high standards and its a miracle if I see even one good feature or episodic series a year.

Difficult to follow, riddled with plot holes and a terrible score by Paul Oakenfold all add up to a mediocre film that explores familiar territory already covered by better films like Ghost in the Shell. Sure the cel-shading and rotoscoping are incredibly impressive but they can’t make up for all it’s other short comings.

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In honor of Cinco de Mayo I present to you the official teaser trailer of Machete. This movie is going to be amazing. I love that Robert De Niro, Steven Seagal and Don Johnson are all in the same movie. What bizarre world did I wake up in?

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While having drinks with the gang the topic of my blog being nothing more than a link farm with twitter sized posts came up. At first I dismissed the criticism but slowly began to realize they were right. What was once something I embraced and looked forward to had now become a chore. Determined to breath life back into my blog I’ve decided to actually write instead of shooting off a few links or embed YouTube videos.

So. long story short, thanks for telling me my blog sucked. I promise to make it suck less and in-turn I hope you leave me some feedback.

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I should start off by saying I have a super crush on Ellen Page. She has this really cute, bookworm hotness that drives me crazy. I know she isn’t what I typically find attractive (Asian or leggy blond)but she has this charm that i can’t explain.

Now that I got that out my system I confess to having a soft spot for these coming of age, teenage angst films. Maybe its due to me never having that when I was growing up or perhaps I just suffer from Peter Pan syndrome. Regardless this is a really fun date movie.

Over Simplified Plot Summary
Whip It (based off the young adult novel Derby Girl by Shauna Cross) is the story of Bliss, a young girl growing up in small-town in Texas, pressured by her mother to compete in beauty pageants. Wanting to escape and find herself she finds her true calling when she attends a Roller Derby event.

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Not since the Ten Commandments and Passion of the Christ has a movie been so effectively target marketed. From the onset The Blind Side seems custom tailored to Christian women with a penchant for charity work and southern accents. She must be tough if she’s lived her whole life with that funny accent.

That said, the movie isn’t terribly good or bad. It’s just a perfect example of Hollywood’s tendancy to make Franken-movies, liberally borrowing from better “help the disenfranchised” films.

I can’t with good concious recommend this film to anyone but it’s intended audience. So, if you attend church once a week, give money to the poor and watch Lifetime on a regular basis run out and buy this movie.

Note: I can only assume that Sandra Bullock’s Oscar was one big joke within the inner circle of Hollywood power players that backfired. If not that then they must still feel bad for snubbing her performance in Love Potion #9. Her best perfomance to date, hands down.

Final Note: Don’t you just love how Sandra Bullock is walking him into heaven. WTF!

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What good is a tripod without a tripod head? After some research I decided that the Gitzo G2180 would be a perfect fit for my Canon Vixia. Admittdley a bit pricey I decided it was better to go with a trusted brand name.

The G2180 is an extremely compact and low profile fluid head. Offering a complete range of technical features combined with an exceptional size / weight to performance ratio. In order to achieve such a compact size and low weight, Gitzo developed a new and unique technical compound named soulid 238®. This special techno polymer is 30% lighter than magnesium, but just as strong, with good vibration dampening. The lightness and strength of Soulid 238® make the G2180 the perfect combination of style and high tech materials. Besides exceptionally smooth movements, high quality engineering and assembly, the G2180 features a sophisticated, adjustable and highly accurate counterbalance system. The G2180 is ideal for DSLRs with long lenses and or compact DV camcorders.

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Bored at work and feeling a bit blue I did what any red blood American would do, seek instant gratification through unbridled consumerism.  Considering I had no money and massive debt I decided to use my credit cards rewards program. Imagine my surprise when I discovered they carried serious camera equipment.

I had been looking to purchase a tripod for my Canon Vixia so when I saw they carried Manfrotto it was a done deal.

Manfrotto 055XPROB
The 055XPROB makes the famous Manfrotto-patented horizontal centre column feature even easier to use. By extending the column to its highest vertical position, it can be swung round to horizontal without removing the head or disassembling the column itself, so switching between framing and positioning setups is more convenient than ever. The ergonomics of the leg angle release mechanism and the quick action leg locks themselves have also been greatly improved.

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