I’m Back

After a very long break I’m back and have come to the realization that blogging everyday is not for the faint of heart. Like any writing you have to have […]


Anime is a masochists hobby. Ignoring the obvious language barrier, fans must slog through hundreds of hours of poorly written and animated shows/films before uncovering anything remotely good. Combine that […]

Cinco de taMAYO

In honor of Cinco de Mayo I present to you the official teaser trailer of Machete. This movie is going to be amazing. I love that Robert De Niro, Steven […]

Constructive Critcism

While having drinks with the gang the topic of my blog being nothing more than a link farm with twitter sized posts came up. At first I dismissed the criticism […]

Whip It

I should start off by saying I have a super crush on Ellen Page. She has this really cute, bookworm hotness that drives me crazy. I know she isn’t what […]

The Blind Side

Not since the Ten Commandments and Passion of the Christ has a movie been so effectively target marketed. From the onset The Blind Side seems custom tailored to Christian women […]

Gitzo G2180

What good is a tripod without a tripod head? After some research I decided that the Gitzo G2180 would be a perfect fit for my Canon Vixia. Admittdley a bit […]

Manfrotto 055XPROB

Bored at work and feeling a bit blue I did what any red blood American would do, seek instant gratification through unbridled consumerism.  Considering I had no money and massive […]